Portable Evaporative Coolers

Before you buy an Best Evaporative Cooler, it is important that you understand the working of the cooler. Understanding the working of the cooler will help you decide on the type of cooler you should buy and where you can place the coolers. All evaporative coolers use the same technique to generate cool air. When water is pumped over the pads it evaporates which causes a drop in temperature. The drop in temperature will be determined by the amount of water that is absorbed in the air. These coolers are especially effective in dry areas where more water is absorbed into the air. Since these coolers work on the principle of evaporation they consume less electricity when compared to air-conditioning system. Many people who live dry areas prefer evaporative coolers as their installation and operation cost is low.

Best Evaporative Cooler
Portable Evaporative Cooler Review

If you are planning to buy Portable Evaporative cooler, you can choose between roof mounted, window mounted or portable evaporative coolers. If you are planning to install roof mounted evaporative coolers, you will require a roof stand, duct system and roof penetration. Installing a roof mounted system is expensive and is preferred if you cannot set-up a wall mounted unit. If you are planning to install window evaporative coolers, you must install separate coolers for each room that you plan to cool. Window evaporative coolers are less expensive when compared to roof mounted coolers but could be more expensive if you have many rooms in your home.


There are several advantages of portable evaporative coolers over other models of evaporative coolers. Portable coolers are easier to access and maintain when compared to roof mounted coolers. Also, portable evaporative coolers consume less energy when compared to roof mounted coolers. Window coolers have the same benefits as portable coolers but cannot be moved from room to room. Portable evaporative coolers are ideal choice if you are planning to more the cooler to different areas of your home.

There are several brands and models of portable evaporative coolers available in the market. Some of the well-known brands that make evaporative coolers include Tradewinds, Champion, Mastercool and many other well-known manufacturers. The choice of the model will depend on the air you want to cool and the cooling mechanism required.

When buying a portable evaporative cooler, make sure you buy one that not only fits your need but also your budget. There are many companies that have their own websites to display their product line. They also use these websites to receive orders from their customers. Most companies that take online order will offer free shipping for orders placed with them. Before you buy a portable evaporative cooler, make sure you check the prices charged by various manufacturers. Since competition is fierce in this sector, you can get a good deal when you shop online.