What is the best Electric Pressure Washer to buy?

Electric pressure washers are an excellent choice for residential cleaning needs. They use a motorized pump to blast a powerful stream of water, they can in minutes clean caked-on dirt off of surfaces that might otherwise take hours – and a lot of elbow grease – to scrub by hand. Because they do not use gas, they are generally much quieter, and produce no fumes, making them suitable for indoor use (such as the garage or basement).

Electric pressure washers start around 1000 psi (pounds per square inch) and max out at 2000 psi; they also range from 1.3 to about 1.6 gpm (gallons per minute) of water. They can tackle light through heavy jobs without blasting too much water pressure and damaging more delicate materials, such as the wood of a deck or a custom paint job.

What is the best Electric Washer


Their easy¬†of use makes them a popular choice among homeowners, as all you need is access to an electrical outlet and a garden hose in order to use them. They require very little in terms of maintenance, making it very easy to get up and running in no time. In fact, because they’re so easy to use and they don’t have a gasoline tank, you can use them indoors without worrying about creating a fire hazard. They’re lightweight – typically 16 to 32 pounds – and most are made with wheels for portability.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of an electric powered pressure washer for your typical homeowner is the price. Ranging from just under a hundred dollars up to only a few hundred for even the most powerful, electric pressure washers offer just the right amount of pressure for a very reasonable price.

When looking to buy an electric pressure washer, there are several aspects to take into consideration. You’ll probably want to start looking at some of the top brands first, such as Karcher, AR Blue Clean, Powerwasher, Husky, and Mi-T-M. There are a lot of electric pressure washers on the market, and by starting with well-known brands you can save yourself a lot of time.

If you’re only planning on doing light cleaning – such as hosing off your patio furniture, blasting leaves off your deck or cleaning your car – you probably don’t need a very high psi. But if you’ve got a big job ahead of you – say cleaning a very filthy driveway or removing moss from cobblestones – you may want a higher psi to help you get the job done quickly.

Look for an electric pressure washer that boasts both a quality pump and a high-end motor. These are what give your washer power, and a poor quality, no-name pump or motor is going to give you poor, or short-lived, performance. Also consider looking for a model that has a motor that turns off when you let go of the trigger; this sort of automatic shut-off will save you from needlessly running down the motor as you move your pressure washer from project to project.

Consider your attachments. Does your pressure washer come with more than one spray wand, or is the spray wand adjustable? It seems like a small detail until you’re faced with a large deck and a wand that sits at an uncomfortable angle when aiming beneath your feet. If you spend any time reading pressure washer reviews, you’ll find that many people choose their washer based on the specific types of wands available.

With their ease of use and versatility, not to mention their attractive price point, it’s no wonder that electric pressure washers are the most popular type among homeowners today.